I have been working with Apple Macintosh hardware and software since 2001 and so it is my platform of choice for creating and developing. Supporting this, I work with Linux based web servers as well as Windows PC’s to ensure full compatibility with the world’s mainstream OS.

Web Development Apps:

Design and Illustration:


  • CSS (to CSS3)
  • PHP (procedural and object-oriented to v5.5)
  • JavaScript (mainly functions and interaction with the DOM.)
  • Markdown
  • PHPDoc
  • ASP & VBScript (haven’t developed with these two languages for a few years now though!)

CMS’, Libraries and Frameworks:

  • WordPress – considerable experience from v2.7 to v4.2
  • Magento – up to 1.9
  • Drupal – some experience in administration. Not my favourite CMS!
  • JShop Server – a very handy, highly customisable and very extensible eCommerce solution
  • jQuery
  • CakePHP – A nice, simple MVC-based PHP framework

Other Software:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro (to version 7 / before it became iMovie Pro)
  • Camtasia Studio – My favourite software of 2012. Makes creating awesome screencasts an absolute breeze
  • MS Office – a bit like shaving; an everyday, necessary evil!
  • Apple iWork – Now that’s more like it!
  • MPEG StreamClip – A lovely little video converter with some very handy pre-sets.
  • Adobe Flash CS3 – I rarely use this anymore but used to do a fair bit of Flash work (before iOS murdered it)
  • Google SketchUp – designed my house and loft extension with this. Ace stuff and free to boot.
  • Audacity – Nice, free little audio editor. Great for Podcasts and voiceover work