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MK Twelve at 12

Staggeringly, the Kansas-based design and film-making company MK Twelve have just turned 12 years old. I’ve been an avid admirer of their work for each of those years with each new show reel moving the mark even higher for motion graphic artists and videographers. Their work is as breath-taking as it is innovative and has been a constant source of inspiration over the years. read more »


Binary Sunsets

I was intrigued by a tweet from Simon Pegg this week that mentioned the Despecialized edition of Star Wars that a fan calling himself Harmy had created. This edit of the film aims to restore Star Wars as closely as possible to the movie that originally hit cinema screens in 1977 devoid of the CGI tweaks and re-edits from the 1997 Special Edition and 2004 DVD remaster.  read more »