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Apple OS X Wordpress

Setting up a WordPress 3 Network (nee Multisite) on MAMP

I happened upon an interesting problem today whilst setting up WordPress 3.3.2 on MAMP. Essentially WordPress plays nicely with MAMP so long as you don’t want to switch on the Network feature that has been rolled in to the WordPress core since version 3.0 (it was previously available as WordPress MU (Multi User).

The problem is a result of WordPress Network’s inability to handle a host name with a specified port number. By default, MAMP uses port 8888 and 8889 for Apache and MySQL respectively, resulting in the host name http://localhost:8888 which WordPress Network won’t accept (the setup discussed here fails when using a host name that has a port number appended to it). However, with a few simple config changes to MAMP and and some very minor tinkering on the command line, you can overcome this problem.

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Photoretouche Mirror

I was drawn to this very clever mirror design via a recent post on Gizmodo. A great, if somewhat impractical idea for a novel bathroom mirror. Indeed the accuracy of the reproduction of Photoshop’s common tools and palettes means that any imagery of the mirror can’t help but look like screenshots of Photoshop!

The mirror measures just 43cm by 32cm which again reinforces that this is definitely more of a novelty than a useful piece of bathroom furniture. Nevertheless, a great piece of design and definitely a conversation starter. The manufacturers website doesn’t state whether the Clone and Heal tools actually work but at just €65, probably best to assume that they don’t!